Our Story


I started Scrunchie Boutique near the end of October 2020 & launched December 16, 2020. I have been working from home since March 2020, and felt like something was missing. I missed interacting with colleagues everyday and going out and about. I started to auto-pilot through my days.

I've always wanted to start something on my own and I've tried many things but nothing seemed to stick or worked-out. I eventually gave up on the idea.

I started seeing lots of small businesses all over social media and I got inspired again. I started doing research for ideas and came across videos on how to make scrunchies! I was intrigued, I bought my first sewing machine and started practicing. Many jams later, I finally got the hang of it. I would sew right after work and time would go by so fast. I was having so much fun and my creativity finally sparked again! I was so excited to go to the fabric store, each time trying to not leave with every single fabric that I envisioned into a Scrunchie. I started to do more research and test trials on different measurements & elastics. I wanted the Scrunchie to not only look good but to feel good and last long. Our Scrunchie is 100% hand-made with care using a thick super stretchy elastic that will not leave harsh dents in your hair and over expand with use.  

I am so excited to start this small journey and I really hope you love each scrunchie as much I as enjoyed making them!

I also envision making headbands, hats, clothes, and dog accessories in the near future! I would also love to try embroidery one day!

Thank you so much for your support!
Jenn La